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There’s been no fool proof choice for fitness instructors to effectively manage their finances in a professional manner. There are plenty of international options available which don’t cater to the specific needs of personal trainers. Industry specific administration software that is highly relevant to fitness instructors and coaches has been relatively non-existent.

Worldwide software also has a tendency to possess a great deal of features you won’t ever use, from personal experience additionally they tend to be very rigid in certain aspects such as currency and SMS functionality that won’t work in many country. Should you need specific changes made, no one is able so you don’t have any guarantee of internet or telephone support in the event you require help every so often.

Successful personal trainer’s work a 10-12 hour day, which implicates business administration, should be effortless and whatever technique is in place needs to be simple and easy effective. Fitness Software will help personal trainer to enter or correct data on a smartphone or tablet conveniently sufficient reason for very little effort or computer savvy.

Just what Fitness Software has presented to personal trainers:

It is affordable web-based software which tracks appointments, client databases, marketing and accounting all in one solution.

All active clients loaded about the software have got a full history of contracts, appointments and also accounts and messages. The software program also allows you to identify on your own database both active and inactive clients.

The software comes with an email and SMS function that allows personal trainers to send out professional communication i.e. invoices or email promotions as well as appointment reminders quickly and easily to both of these individuals and a specific group.

From an accounting perspective, the software provides financial statements on total turnover total outstanding and enables you to enter payments easily towards invoices generated. Instantly you will soon determine which customers still owe you and who has paid. It allows you to provide monthly statements and get your invoices out on time! It will take your business completely online and electronic – you can forget paper invoices and no more overdue payments.

Run your calendar online! Wow your visitors while using choice of dispatching automated reminders relating to booked sessions. Your appointments can effortlessly be cancelled or moved, easily view medical history, notes and general comments you might have made about your clients and just in case you take some reminding, you will get all daily appointment sent you your phone as well!

Stay in constant contact with your data source, run both e-mail and SMS campaigns for inactive clients to get them back into the gym or use the marketing features to maintain your clients motivated by setting up a monthly newsletter from one of the many templates available. You have the ability to track and record a history of each one SMS and email campaign delivered so there is nothing forgotten.

The functionality of the Fitness software would be useful to sports coaches who work on a schedule where time management is critical.

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